“Approaching the waves with my surf instructor Andres, I was almost shaking — I felt like a Jello mold holding a surfboard,” writes Claudio, “[but] I can barely come up with the words to describe my first wave… I felt like I was a part of this huge force of the ocean and also humbled by how small I was in comparison to it.”

The excerpt above comes from “Saturday Surf Sessions with Juvenile Delinquents”, written by VSP’s Claudio Pino Cabrera and featured on the Huffington Post site on November 13.

Claudio is Valpo Surf Project’s first ever- student and currently works as a surf instructor and mentor for the organization. In the article, he describes a typical morning surf session with the kids from a center run by SENAME, Chile’s national service for juvenile detention and child protection, and how his own past experiences with VSP allow him to connect with them on a deeper level.

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