Last week we took three of our Cerro Toro students, Martin, Shenoa and Lukas to visit the recording studio Tinta Negra and lay down a demo track with local Quilpué band Steppin’ Cerca. We walked through the front door of an unassuming Quilpué home and stepped into a state of the art recording studio. Looks of wonder spread across all of the kids’ faces. The lead singer, Nate, gave us a tour and then took us behind the soundproof glass window into the mixing room.


After describing what he and his group do on an average day, we all started making a song together. First we chose a melody from a bank of pre-recorded melodies. Once we selected our melody, the drummer and the bassist went to their instruments and came up with parts to accompany the melody. Now that all the instrumental parts of the song were selected, Martin, Shenoa and Lukas went to work on the lyrics.


The high point of the day was when, Martin, Shenoa and Lukas, one by one, went to the other side of the window and sang for the track. It took a couple of takes to get over the nerves, but once they did beauty came out. The kids wrote, sang and produced a hook.

We hope that this is just the beginning and that we have more sessions like this one in the future. This was an incredible opportunity and we all know it made a positive impression on Martin, Shenoa and Lukas. A big thank you to the recording studio Tinta Negra and band Steppin’ Cerca for providing our kids with such a wonderful experience.