So we’re about half way through Day 4 with no power and spotty water. Nobody seems to have the slightest idea of when the power will come back on, although it seems like the majority of the city is glowing at night. The tricky thing is the street lights are on all over town, but many of the houses remain dark. The word on the street is the water is going to be cut within the next day or so for anywhere from one to three or four days. Prepared and patient are definitely key words when it comes to the utilities since the earthquake.

I’m posting a few photos taken yesterday below. The clean up is progressing quite well here, although these photos do not even begin to demonstrate the damage is some parts of the city and country. They are more just some snap shots from Jon of the damage we passed by driving down some side streets in Valpo. Power-lines are still hanging down into the street and most corners have piles of rubble waiting to be collected. The city keeps on rolling though (and rumbling occasionally as the aftershocks continued last night and this morning).

We’re off to see the kids tomorrow for English classes and wetsuit repairs. Check back in for more tomorrow evening.

All the best,