Valpo Surf Project (VSP) spent last Saturday, November 26th, conducting a skateboarding workshop as part of the second Community and Recreation Fair of Playa Ancha. Three Valpo Surf Project “tíos” and one VSP student, Vicente of Laguna Verde, 16, gave lessons to local children visiting the fair with their families. Says Martha Rigby, VSP tía, “we were really impressed by how much the kids progressed in such a short period. There were three girls ages 6-8, who were the most dedicated out of all the kids who attended. We taught them the basics but they kept wanting to learn more and more, and to learn to do the tricks we taught them by themselves, without holding onto our hands. It was really inspiring to see”.

The VSP team has committed to running the workshop in Plaza Waddington from 10am to noon, but things were going so well that they stayed until 3pm. The Fair was put on by the Mesa Territorial de Desarrollo de Playa Ancha (MTD), a conglomeration of community organizations dedicated to improving life and community participation in the hill of Playa Ancha. Playa Ancha is the biggest hill in Valparaíso; there are 42 hills comprising Valparaíso, yet Playa Ancha takes up about 30% of the whole city. The Valpo Surf Project has participated in the MTD since 2014 by participating in community fairs, beach cleans, and more.

Many thanks to our volunteers, Diego and Ignacio, and to VSP student Vicente (a tío in training!), for lending their skateboarding skills and goodwill to the Fair. And a big thank you to the MTD for putting on such a successful event!

Enjoy the photos below!

VSP volunteer Ignacio “Sasa” gets a student rolling

Our smallest participant gets his shoe tied before hopping on the board.

VSP volunteer Diego helps out with a smile.

Building up some speed!

Javiera learns the surfer salute.

“V” for volunteer!

Skateboarding teachers Diego, Martha, Vicente, and Sasa with our most motivated students!

VSP student Vicente explains a trick.

Time to practice!