Back in July, the VSP team traveled south with a small group of students to watch the Rip Curl Pro Caletas Maule surf competition. We had one of our students, Sofia, age 17, write a blog for us about her experience:

Hello, my name is Sofia, and I have been a Valpo Surf Project (VSP) student for two years. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had, I love being a part of the program, it’s a fantastic experience!

We always do different kinds of activities (aside from the English classes and surf sessions) like beach cleans, cultural outings, surf competitions, activities with other organizations, and we also have picnics and we’ve gone climbing several times.

The last great activity I got to attend was going to see the Rip Curl surf competition in the Maule Region! In order to get to this impressive contest, we piled into the VSP van with the “tíos”, and taking with us food and our excitement, we set out for the 7th Region. It was a 6-hour trip, but it was worth it!


Without a doubt it was the best surf event I’ve ever seen, the waves were perfect and the surfers knew how to handle them. The people there were very nice to us and asked us to tell them about VSP. From early in the morning the guys were in the ocean enjoying the waves, so the rest of us gathered together to watch their tricks on their boards!


Once the afternoon hit, it was down to the finalists and there was only one heat left to decide the winner. While we waited for the surfers to prepare, Juan Pablo Barrientos, nicknamed “el Mono” (“Monkey”), and a Valpo Surf Project board member asked us to do an interview for the official broadcast, to talk about VSP. I was really nervous but in the end it came out well. The winner of the competition was a Brazilian, Gabriel Andre, who, in my opinion, did quite well.

To sum up, that day I laughed and laughed and enjoyed myself the whole time, it was an unforgettable experience that I hope we get to have again some day.