Hello All!  Thank you all so much for the e-mails, facebook messages, and phone calls to our homes back in the States!  The amount of concern is overwhelming and very much appreciated.  I’m pleased to report the Valpo Surf Project community is okay.  We’ve heard back from the families of our students and everyone is safe.  Later this week we’re going to pass through their neighborhoods to make sure all of their homes are intact.  Casa VSP is completely fine apart from a few cracks in the walls.  We’ve been without power since the first shock and the water comes and goes, but all in all we faired quite well.  We’re going to continue with our normal schedule with the kids, and this weeks classes are especially important for us as many of the local schools suffered a great deal of damage and school has been suspended indefinitely.  Our aim is to use our classes as a return to normalcy after the earthquake.  The aftershocks continue on a daily basis, but pale in comparison to the first blasts that occurred early Saturday morning.  The ocean is in an agitated state with lots of debris being pulled around by new rip currents that have formed from the earthquake and tsunami.  Surf classes will be suspended until we are 100% positive the beaches are safe again.  Your thoughts and prayers for the VSP as well as those who were far less fortunate than us are greatly appreciated.  We will be updating the site regularly with photos from the earthquake as well as posts from our English classes and students. Again, thank you all for your love and support.

All the best,