Recently, the Valpo Surf Project (VSP) was invited to send some of its students to participate in the Our Ocean Science Camp in Valparaíso. This activity is designed to teach students who attend public schools and are in either the 5th or 6th grade about the conservation of the species and ecosystems that inhabit the sea. Put on because of the collaboration of several public and private institutions, this event has the intention of serving as a unique educational experience.

The Valpo Surf Project was invited to bring 5 of its students that fit the age and school requirements. We determined the children that have had the best attendance to our English classes were the students who would be the best fit for this camp. After packing their bags, they spent three days learning more about the environment in which they live.

The students enjoyed several activities in various locations throughout Valparaíso during the camp. Performing scientific experiments, analyzing trash on a beach, taking a heritage tour of Valpo, as well as working together with many new friends to solve problems, were some of the highlights of the event. We asked each of our students who went, what they enjoyed most about participating in the Our Ocean Science Camp and why they think the ocean is important for them.

Benllamín: We learned that you have to take care of the ocean, without littering. I practice surf in the ocean, it makes me happy, and I consider it my home.

Maximiliano: Everything was my favorite! We learned about tsunamis, how to respect rules, played games with friends and met new people!

Benjamín M: During my experience I learned about how to care for the sea and its animals. I also learned more about my friends and for me that was really cool!

María Jose: It’s important to take care of the sea because if you don’t, no one else will. All of the sea and all of the beaches would be dirty, and it wouldn’t be good to surf in a dirty ocean. The sea is mine because I feel part of it and I will always take care of it.

Feña: I learned that you need to take care of the environment and the trash because there are animal species from the sea that although it may not look like they are in danger because of the pollution, are actually in danger.

We are so happy that our students not only enjoyed their time together as members of VSP, but also because they could contribute to a greater effort to conserve the environment with their peers. Thank you Our Ocean Camp for giving our students this wonderful opportunity!

Our Ocean Science CampOur Ocean Science CampOur Ocean Science CampOur Ocean Science CampOur Ocean Science Camp