This summer, the VSP expanded its programming into Cerro Toro, a deeply
underserved community in the hills of the city near Playa Ancha. After a Cerro
Toro community leader reached out to the VSP and requested that it look into the
neighborhood as part of its expansion, the program began coordinating with Club
Cochrane, one of the oldest sports clubs in the city. Adolescents and children in
Cerro Toro face the challenge of living in an area defined by high incidence of
drug consumption, sales, and delinquency. The VSP is therefore very excited
to provide quality English instruction, environmental education and surfing
opportunities for the neighborhood’s youth.

This January, the VSP started surf sessions with a new group of 7 Cerro Toro
students. Next week, a second group of 7 additional students will be joining
the program. Once the school year begins, the students will also participate in
afternoon English classes and environmental programming in addition to their
surfing activities.

Working with Cerro Toro is particularly meaningful for the VSP because it is also
a chance to come full circle. Back in 2010, during the program’s initial phases,
the original Casa VSP office and living space was located in Cerro Toro. This
expansion is therefore an opportunity for them to give back to the community that
fostered the creation of the organization.