Meet the staff and interns who have helped contribute to the Valpo Surf Project’s success and growth!

VSP Global Staff

Wiley Todd – Founder & Co-CEO

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Wiley Todd has spent his entire life around the water. He spent over ten years teaching sailing on the coast of Maine, and launched a high school sailing team and after school sailing program for local children. A graduate of Bates College, Todd spent his junior year studying in Valparaiso and surfing the Chilean coast. He and his family split their time between Chile and the United States.

Jon Steuber – Founder & Co-CEO

Jon Steuber is a founder and co-CEO of the Valpo Surf Project. He grew up skateboarding and surfing in New Jersey, but established a strong connection to the ocean while attending Bates College in Maine. Steuber was given the 2014 Acción Joven award for his social entrepreneurship work with VSP. He divides his time between the United States and Chile.

Martha Rigby – Fellow

Martha Rigby
Etna, NH
VSP Intern from January to December 2014 – Current Fellow

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Martha grew up in Etna, NH and in college found a new home in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. She graduated in 2013 from Macalester College with a degree in anthropology, which she believes should be required subject matter for all children. She loves trying new things and is excited to tap into the pulse of Valpo. She has studied abroad in Spain and Russia and has also lived briefly in England and Switzerland. This is her first time in the southern hemisphere, and she is beyond thrilled to have escaped from the siberian tundra of Minnesota to warmer climes. She feels the stoke of the surf and can’t wait to get barreled.

Martha is an explorer and language lover who asks lots of questions. She believes that the world is her oyster.

VSP Chile Staff

Claudio Vilches – Country Director

Claudio Vilches was born in Sweden. At age 11 years he moved with his family to Valparaiso, Chile where he has been living since.
After graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Claudio has been a volunteer with the VSP since 2012 and is now the Chilean Country Director. He has served on the Chilean board of directors since 2013.

Claudio Cabrera – Mentor/Surf Instructor

Claudio was the first student to join the VSP in 2009. He spent 5 years in the VSP before graduating in 2013. Claudio is currently studying engineering at the Universidad Valparaíso. He lives in Valparaiso, Chile with his son Tommy.

Andres Ponce – Founder

Andres Ponce
Andres Ponce was born and raised in Valparaíso and is a founding partner of the Valpo Surf Project. He graduated from the Universidad de Valparaíso with a degree in Public Administration in 2009. Ponce currently works in Santiago, Chile at the Contraloría General del Estado and dedicates his free time to surfing the Chilean coast.

Meet the Interns

Chelsea Ernst – Intern

Chelsea attended the University of Oregon where she studied Psychology and International Studies. She also spent six months studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, learning about the vibrant culture of Latin America. Because of her love of traveling, passion for youth empowerment, and enthusiasm for the outdoors, VSP perfectly blends all of Chelsea’s personal and professional interests. Chelsea brings a unique set of experiences to VSP as she has worked with various group homes, residential mental health facilities, and an after-school program for youth and young adults in Oregon, California, and Argentina.

Eve Gutman – Intern

Eve graduated from Haverford College in 2015 with a degree in anthropology. While in college, she participated in environmental justice and feminist campaigns, and was trained in campaign organizing and anti-racism. In 2014 she spent a semester abroad in Chile, studying social work at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. After graduating from college, she helped found a sexual consent organization with her best friends and then moved back to Valparaíso to join the VSP team. Eve has worked with young people of all ages as a camp counselor, a Hebrew School teacher’s aide, a college-level teaching assistant, and a mentor for first year college students.

Hillary Goldfine – Intern

After growing up close to the beach in New Jersey for most of her life, Hillary attended Boston College and became involved in social justice programs there. After finishing her undergrad degree in 2014, Hillary went on to receive her master’s degree in philosophy and work for an education non-profit in Boston for the past two years. Hillary is excited to work with the VSP, which allows her to combine some of her favorite things: working with youth, learning about new cultures, and exploring new beaches.

Mitch Stent – Intern

Mitch is an International Studies student from Cairns, Australia that focuses much of his professional and personal attention on working with and empowering young people. He made the great migration from the wilds of Australia to Chile at the beginning of 2016 to complete a semester of exchange at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and joined the VSP. Despite looking like a quintessential Australian surfer dude he grew up surrounded by rainforest but has equal love for the the ocean. Mitch is inspired by the universal natures of young people across geographical and cultural divides.

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