So this past Saturday we made our way out to one of our favorite breaks best suited for learning with six kids in tow. We picked up Vicky, Catalina, Jocelyn, Jesus, Gustavo and Claudio around 10 am, and we were at the beach by 11:30. After a beach clean, a quick session on a how to care for the gear, and some dry land surf instruction, we started getting ready to jump in the water.
All it took was one look at the water and we knew we had to make some adjustments to our game plan. The waves were pretty big, with well overhead sets rolling through every ten to fifteen minutes. It was apparent the currents were much stronger than usual. Instead of surfing with four kids and four instructors in the water we scaled back to two kids with four instructors surfing at once. The two to one ratio worked out incredibly well. For peace of mind, our certified lifeguard, Scott Hill of Colby College, sat out the back as an extra precautionary measure watching over the kids. Scott took sets on the head for over two hours to ensure the safety of our students. He was a huge help and we look forward to working with him in the classroom and on the beach in the weeks to come. Thank Scott!
Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but our kids had an absolute blast in the water. They were all a little timid at first (even if the older ones wouldn’t admit it), but by the time that first wave scooped them up and they were cruising back towards the beach, it was all smiles. Wiley and I were working with two of our younger students: Catalina, 12, and Vicky, 13. These girls were literally hanging off of us as we walked out in to the surf. Every time a wave came, Catalina would scream, jump on my back, and nearly strangle me. It was only after I was able to breathe again that I realized she was laughing the whole time. Once we were out in the surf, we put her on the front of a longboard, with Wiley on the back end for balance and control. Sitting in the foamy whitewash, I’d push them in to waves and they’d take off back towards the beach. Once again, the smiles were endless.
After getting out of the water, everyone took off their wetsuits, we packed up the gear and then we sat down for a quick lunch. By 4 PM, the kids were back up in Cerro Mariposa with their families. Man we had fun. Everyone is pretty jacked up for our next trip on Saturday. These groms are really on their way.


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