Following the wildfires that struck Valparaiso last April, Valpo Surf Project (VSP) undertook a project to rebuild the home of a family in Cerro Litre that was destroyed in the fire. The fires burned nearly 3,000 homes and left 11,000 people displaced. Over the span of six months we worked to design and construct a house for Don Alejandro, Doña Patricia, and their two sons, Hans, 19, and Patrick, 12. Work on the Olsen house began in May 2014 and the family was able to move in at the end of November 2014.

Special thanks to Claudio Andrade, Felipe Ehrenfeld, and Ignacio Orfali–the architects behind Casa Olsen and friends of the VSP. There were also many volunteers who provided the ground support to make this project a reality as well as the generous contributions from the organizations Colegio Los Alerces of Santiago, Volcan, Fourcade, Aimia, eClass, and Limari Lighting Design.

Through the hard work of everyone involved in this project, the Olsen family is currently living in the house that the VSP and partnering organizations helped to build.  At the beginning of December, we got together with the Olsens at the new house to celebrate the completion of the house. It was a pleasure to get to know the Olsens and we are sure that our relationship with them will last far beyond the completion of this project.


The beginning stages of Casa Olsen

human chain passing wood
The team working hard

The completed house

The living room at Casa Olsen


Celebration of the completed house

Don Alejandro on the grill