The Ceremonial, a big wave competition in Pichilemu, Chile, received the green light for Saturday September 9. The event has the possibility to occur once a year depending on if a big enough swell comes through. There is little warning before the competition takes place, so competitors and spectators alike have a small window of time to arrive at Punta de Lobos. We had an early start that morning, picking up students throughout Valparaíso to make the 4 hour trek down south. Our team and our students were very excited to see professional surfers ride such huge waves.

For the first half of the day, we sat on the rocks with an excellent view of the competition. We watched in amazement as surfers successfully and unsuccessfully caught wave after big wave. It was fun to cheer with the crowds, especially for local Chilean surfers! We then spent time exploring, taking pictures, and playing soccer while enjoying the beautiful views of Punta de Lobos.


We were so grateful to have been able to attend the Ceremonial with our students. Many of them had never been as far south as Pichilemu before or experienced such a competition. We hope that this special event and experience will continue to motivate and inspire them as surfers.