Summer in Valpo is now in full swing! For many of us, summer means lots of time spent surfing, swimming, and soaking up some sun at the beach. Playa La Boca in Con Con is one of the most popular beaches in the region of Valparaíso– you can imagine how many people flock there during these warm summer months. A lot of people can result in a lot of trash, so we figured no better time than now to help clean up our local beach.

We held our first beach clean of 2017 with VSP students from neighborhoods Mariposas and Montedónico. Together we collected over 85 kilograms of trash, much of which was “microtrash”. Microtrash is especially detrimental because it is easily and often consumed by marine animals, such as the pelicans and sea lions that we see so many of in Con Con. A lot of this trash is composed of the things which go unnoticed- small bottle caps, pieces of candy wrappers, and especially cigarette butts. This beach cleanup nearly 700 cigarette butts were picked up by our students. Can you and your friends collect more butts or “colillas” than us? #ColillaChallenge2017! We need to remember that it is the little things that can make a big difference.

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Working together to take care of our beaches is crucial for the environment. We spend much of our time at La Boca in Con Con, and we are so grateful for all that it offers. A big thanks to those that work at La Boca and take care of it each day as well as to those at the Municipality of Con Con. We look forward to more beach cleans throughout the summer and the rest of this year!

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