It has been an awesome summer here in Valparaíso. In January, the VSP kick-started its new internship program with the arrival of Natalie, Max, Martha and Bea, who have been hard at work both at the beach and in the office at Casa VSP. Next week, they’ll also be stepping into the classroom for our first English classes of the year!

It has been a great two months with the kids. The VSP is excited to now be working with 3 groups from Cerro Mariposa, two groups from Cerro Toro, as well as a group from SENAME. We have had so much fun surfing 3 days a week all summer long at La Boca in ConCon. Now that the school year is starting back up, however, we will be shifting surf sessions to the weekends and introducing our after-school English classes during the week. For now, here is a look back at our time spent splashing in the summer sun.

Loading up the van.

nice photo of girls in the van
On the way to the beach!

Pulling into La Boca

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

…or to stretch well.

Practicing our pop-ups.

…and putting them into action!